Politcal Art + VTS

1. Critically explored the role of research and experimentation to inform an illustrative solution in relation to a given brief.

2. Produced a body of research work containing material that has been critically evaluated and analysed in relation to problem-solving for briefs.

4. Demonstrated an awareness of visually communicating to a specific audience and within an illustrative genre.

5. Developed an awareness of professional practice within this sector of the creative industries

(6) Demonstrated an awareness of visually communicating to a specific audience

Having picked my conspiracy theories i have now started looking deeper into what style i would like for my design.

To do this i have looked at political art/ street art. I feel that this is a great place to look for inspiration as this theme of art is modern and has strong clear narratives behind it.

Another thing i like about this theme of art is how playful and creative it can be, often combining different ideas, stories and contexts.

A collage shows Pope Francis kissing US President Donald Trump on May 11, 2017 near Castel Sant’Angelo in central Rome

What is going on here? – An artistic statement against masks

What do you see that makes you think that? – the artist has taken a famous art piece (the girl with the pearl earring) and covered it up with a mask.

What else can i find out? – Did they make this piece for or against the compulsary use of masks

What is going on here? – An artist drawing light on how graffiti is covered up and seen as bad

What do you see that makes you think that? – There is a workman plastering blank paper on top of graffiti. The graffiti is vibrant and colourful but the wallpaper is blank and plain

What else can i find out? –

What is going on here? – Art piece mocking politicians in the house of commons
What do you see that makes you think that? – The politicians are painted as apes instead of humans
What else can i find out? – Where is this piece being displayed?

What is going on here? – A souldier in a pillow fight with a protester.

What do you see that makes you think that? – One of theme is wearing a military uniform and one is in casual clothes with a face covering showing that he does not want to be identified as he is a protester.

What else can i find out? – What are they fighting for?

A cyclist rides past a stensil of a gull about to swoop down onto a carton of chips, the subject of a graffiti artwork bearing the hallmarks of street artist Banksy on a wall in Lowestoft on the East Coast of England on August 8, 2021.
Street Art, review, 2010s, Graffoto.co.uk, street art tours, tour guide, political street art, Banksy, Cept, EINE, Bambi, subdued, Tom Blackford, CodeFC, Uberfubs, Extinction Rebellion

What is going on here? – An artist calling donald trump, vladmir putin and kim jong un psychos

What do you see that makes you think that? – They are all in a band called ‘The Psychos’

What else can i find out? – Why did they place donald trump as the lead singer? does their role have to do with their character.

Narrative Art and Story Elements Part 3: Point of View – Denise Cassano  Illustration
Banksy, Basquiat being “stopped-and-frisked” outside the Barbican Centre, 2017. Photo by Ungry Young Man, via Flickr.
Street Art Beyond the Art Market is Political | COBO Social
The five times Banksy has stepped into politics - Bristol Live
2016's Memorable Political Street Art
Some of political street art we did in Vilnius - Album on Imgur
Alien Illuminati Conspiracy Art Print
Banksy’s artwork is seen on the West Bank barrier in Abu Dis
D. Trump street art
Jong-Un street art

















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